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Minimum Requirements for Integrating Services with Central Authentication

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07/31/08: CUWebAuth Version 2.0 Available for Apache Systems

CUWebAuth 2.0 is now available for download by campus service providers. If your service currently relies on CUWebAuth 1.x or SideCar, you are encouraged to upgrade well before December 2008, when Kerberos 4 is expected to be retired and these methods will no longer work.

The documentation and binaries are available at:

CUWebAuth 2.0 highlights:

  • Supports Kerberos 5 (only)
  • Uses shared libraries for Kerberos functions to avoid conflicts with other modules that load Kerberos
  • Provides better support for CGI-based authorization (permit/group lookups)
  • Includes additional configuration directives (and discontinues others)
  • Is available as open-source

A Note on SideCar/Windows:
Service providers who still rely on SideCar/Windows for authentication should have plans in place to switch methods. SideCar/Windows will stop working when Kerberos 4 is retired.

In the newest version of Bear Access, SideCar/Windows has been replaced by Kerberos Viewer, a program that allows individuals to view their current credentials but, unlike SideCar/Windows, does not perform out-of-band authentication via port 913.

Still Got SideCar/Mac?
Most Mac users no longer use SideCar/Mac. SideCar/Mac relies on K4, and Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x) does not support K4. If you are still using SideCar/Mac, it will stop working when Kerberos 4 is retired. Here is how to uninstall SideCar/Mac.

If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading to CUWebAuth 2.0 or discontinuing use of SideCar, please let us know at